Project Description


From time to time at The Breath, Shane and Jordan will lament that too many projects and productions are tied up in various stages of pre-production and financing. And that’s a real part of the filmmaking cycle. In the lulls, there are short ideas that pop up and are written onto the corners of notebooks that are yanked out with “well, let’s do this, it should be fast, cheap, and easy, and at least that way we’re actively making something!”.  And off we go.  Such is how Keeping Quiet came into existence.  After reading a deeply moving Pablo Neruda poem, there were images of a lonely man authoring or thinking about these words, and “Bob” was born.

The film was shot over a couple days in Toronto and Niagara Falls. HUGE shout out of thanks to lead actor Jeff Sinesac who is always so game to work for the sake of seeing what happens. As well, for our own Michelle St. John to step into this role because, well, she too just wanted to make something and see what can happen amongst friends.


A man attempts to fill the void in his life through classified dating in this beautifully sensitive portrayal of love and loneliness.

Production Details

Written, Directed, Shot, and Produced by Shane Belcourt
Edit, Sound, and Score by Jordan O’Connor
Starring Jeff Sinesac as “Bob; Michelle St. John as “Maureen”, and Tonya Dodds as “Helen”
Film inspired by and poem quoted by Pablo Neruda

Run time 9 mins
Shot on the Canon 7d